The BCHS Story

Rebuild New Orleans

Baptist Community Health Services began as a ministry of the 130+ churches of the
New Orleans Baptist Association, who came together under one goal: to help rebuild
New Orleans and serve the wonderful people who call the Crescent City home.

2014 | Humble Beginnings

4960 Saint Claude

Everyone needs healthcare, and we believe every person deserves healthcare that is high-quality, affordable, and close to home. So, since our founding, we have been making that happen. BCHS was born in 2014 and located at 4960 Saint Claude Avenue in the Lower Ninth Ward, which is home to our after-hours clinic, part of our Behavioral Health department, and administrative offices today. 

Our First Patient

The organization began with founding physician and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Hannah Pounds, MD, along with just five other employees, who committed to serving anyone and everyone in the community.

2016 | For the Kids

BCHS expanded for the very first time in 2016 by adding two pediatric practices:

One location at 4209 Saint Claude Avenue and one at 221 W Genie Street in Chalmette. At the same time, BCHS brought Dr. Edwin Lin, MD onto staff, who has been caring for pediatric patients in the Lower Ninth Ward and surrounding areas for over 40 years.

2016 | Sanchez

In 2016, BCHS added another location in the Lower Ninth Ward on the second floor of the Andrew P. Sanchez Center. Our Sanchez location has served many purposes over the years and is currently where part of our Adult Medicine and Behavioral Health departments operate and care for patients.

2019 | Behavioral Health

As the Lord has provided, BCHS has grown to offer more services for patients, including Behavioral Health/counseling services. In 2019, BCHS hired its very first Psychiatrist. BCHS proudly supports 7 Behavioral Health providers, including licensed professional and licensed addiction counselors, licensed clinical social workers, and psychiatrists.

2020 | Mandeville

Even as the COVID-19 pandemic peaked, BCHS continued to serve the community on the front line. BCHS actually expanded during this time to accommodate patients living on the north shore at our Mandeville location on 1445 West Causeway Approach.

2022 | HIV Care and
School-Based Health

Through grant support, BCHS is excited to have the opportunity to now offer screening, testing (rapid and confirmatory), evaluation, linkage to specialist care, and counseling for patients living with HIV. Additionally, we provide holistic and preventative care including PrEP for patients at increased risk for exposure to HIV. 

Additionally, BCHS began providing care at Frederick A. Douglass High School where students and faculty members are able to engage in counseling and group-based therapy as well as primary care from within their own school system.

Today | Step By Step

As we look to the future, we look with you in mind. We work hard to continue leveling up, offering more services and locations to best meet your needs, and making BCHS a place you are proud to call your healthcare home.